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The most artisanal procedure in plastic surgery aims not only at improving the nose lines but also improving breathing conditions by assessing deviations in the nasal septum. The patient’s own cartilage is used to contribute a new shape to the nose, making it stronger and more structured.

  • Length of hospital stay

    Same-day discharge

  • Exercising

    15 days

  • Work From Home

    2 days

  • Sun exposure

    2 months


Improved breathing conditions and a natural result, aiming at a shape that is aligned with the patient’s own facial features, creating balance.


Suavizar traços do nariz, deixando-o mais em sintonia com o rosto do paciente, e corrigindo eventuais desvios de septo.


  • Sleeping with more pillows.
  • Cold compresses and nasal wash.
  • Postoperative physical therapy recommended for 2 weeks following surgery, at least 6 sessions.
  • Sun protection.
  • Avoidance of fighting sports.
  • Avoidance of glasses for 2 months.


In the narrowest part of the columella of the nose, the part which separates the nares.

Most Commonly Associated Procedures

  • Facial lasers
  • Chemical Peels

Dr. Adriano Mesquita

Dr. Adriano attended Medical School at the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP) – institution internationally recognized for its scientific rigor, where he completed his residencies in general and plastic surgery.


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Dr. Adriano Mesquita Cirurgião Plástico em São Paulo

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Dr. Adriano Mesquita Cirurgião Plástico em São Paulo

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Dr. Adriano Mesquita Cirurgião Plástico em São Paulo

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Dr. Adriano Mesquita Cirurgião Plástico em São Paulo

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