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Small Skin Lesions Removal

Skin lesions might trigger cosmetic concerns, but risk of malignancy is one of the main reasons some lesions should be removed. Ideally following a dermoscopy, an exam provided by your dermatologist that assesses skin lesion characteristics, surgical removal will allow for the precise diagnosis to be reached in the anatomopathological exam.


  • Length of hospital stay

    Same-day discharge

  • Exercising

    14 days

  • Work From Home


  • Sun exposure

    3 months


  • Scars located in areas that usually evolve well due to the planning and techniques of plastic surgery, especially in lesions located on the face.
  • Most of the time only local anesthesia.


  • Patients with skin lesions wishing for removal with the best cosmetic outcomes possible regarding scarring, especially on the face.


  • Avoid sun exposure to prevent darkening of scars.


Incisions are planned against skin tension lines to provide the thinnest scar possible.


Most Commonly Associated Procedures

  • Morpheus8 (Micro needling Radiofrequency).
  • Laser.

Dr. Adriano Mesquita

Dr. Adriano attended Medical School at the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP) – institution internationally recognized for its scientific rigor, where he completed his residencies in general and plastic surgery.


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Dr. Adriano Mesquita Cirurgião Plástico em São Paulo

Surgical Procedures

–  Blepharoplasty / Eyelids Surgery 
–  Rhinoplasty 
–  Facelift/ Necklift
–  Otoplasty (Ear Surgery) 
–  Chin advancement 
– Lip-lift 
–  Lipo-filling / Fat Grafting 
–  Skin tumors excision and Reconstruction
–  Scar Revisions
– Emergency Sutures 

Dr. Adriano Mesquita Cirurgião Plástico em São Paulo

Facials Minimally Invasive

–  Botulinum Toxin/ Botox/ Dysport
–  Hyaluronic Acid Facial Fillers
–  Liquid Rhino/ Nasal Fillers
–  Injectable Collagen Biostimulators (Sculptra and Radiesse)
–  Chemical Peels
– Microfocused Ultrasound
– Morpheus8

Dr. Adriano Mesquita Cirurgião Plástico em São Paulo

Surgical Procedures
Body Contouring

–  Liposuction/ Vaser-Lipo
– Lipo-filling / Fat Grafting 
– Breast Augmentation / Fast-Track-24-hour-Recovery Breast Aug 
– Reduction Mammoplasty 
– Mastopexia/ Augmentation Mastopexy 
– Abdominiplasty / Tummy-Tuck 
– Arm-Lift 
– Thigh-Lift 
– Scar Revisions
– Scar Revision 
– Emergency Sutures

Dr. Adriano Mesquita Cirurgião Plástico em São Paulo

Bodies Minimally Invasive

–  Hyaluronic Acid Fillers
– Injectable Collagen Biostimulators (Sculptra and Radiesse)
– Microfocused Ultrasound
– Morpheus8